Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Reading Survey

  Reading in general is very important to my learning and knowledge in various topics I like and dislike. In my opinion, reading should be done for at least 20 minutes a day. The reason for reading daily is that  it stimulates the brain. It also allows the reader to expand their knowledge base and challenging the mind and thoughts in the topics. I make every effort to read daily from magazines to school work.
  Reading material can consist of not only books and novels, but can be articles, newspapers, movie reviews, comics, and so much more. My preference for reading is and not limited to sports illustrated, hockey reviews, comics, and skateboarding magazines. The reason why I prefer to read these topics is because these are some of my favourite hobbies and things to do also I like to keep on top of news and upcoming events.

  When I do not understand what I'm reading I always re-read the material. The reason why is because i want to make sure and understand what I'm reading. I find that when I re-read I understand the material much better. I also like to re-read for my own satisfaction and because I enjoy the topic. One of the books I re-read is called Street Pharm. The reason why I chose to re-read is because it was a very interesting story about a boy who's influenced by his father to keep the family business up and coming after his father went to prison. The business was selling cocaine, after getting switched to a different school the boy meets a girl and she changes his perspective on things like the family business. The boy eventually stops selling cocaine and chooses not to continue running the family business because of the girl.

  When I'm reading material that I enjoy the words that pop into my mind are stress reliever, enjoyment, focused, cant stop reading, and happy. When I'm reading material that I do not enjoy the words that pop into my mind are boredom, forced to read, unhappy, irritated, sleepy, and cant wait to finish. One of the books I enjoyed was Street Pharm and one the books I disliked was grade 11 Macbeth.

  In grade 10 I had the opportunity to be one of your english students. When I was in your class in grade 10 I really didn't enjoy reading and it always felt like a huge task. I would always get stressed out. Since you last taught me I've learned to enjoy reading and make every effort to read and get my assignments done. I have been really into sports illustrated lately, keeping up with news in the hockey life. My goal as a reader for this semester is to finish all books that are assigned to me and to work hard and get all of my assignments in. One book I really recommend is called, "The Broken Circle" the author is Theodore Fontaine who is my mom's cousin. This book is about his Residential school experiences in Sagkeeng First Nation.

  I once owned a smartphone but it was stolen. I own a Macbook Pro that I could bring to class everyday. I do not have an e-reader or any other device I could e-read other than my Macbook. No I do not have a twitter account feed because I am not a fan of twitter. 

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